A set of tools and tactics employed in a strategy to accomplish a difficult outcome.  We're experts in all aspects of advocacy campaigns, with a particular passion for the long game.  

There are plenty of firms that will help you manage an advocacy program, we prefer to focus on helping you create your advocacy strategy or add value to your ongoing advocacy efforts by reinvigorating your current team and tactics.

Whether you are exploring a new challenge for the first time or examining how you can modify your existing efforts, our team can guide you in the right direction.  As always, the purpose of our product is to provide you with the strategy you need to achieve your goals, rather than a pitch document for follow-on work.  

We understand the ever present challenge of addressing growing problems with shrinking budgets and are infamous for how we've helped our clients learn where they can reduce expense and increase results.

Let us refine your ideas and goals into a blueprint for action.



The most precious commodity in political strategy is research.  Without a critical understanding of your issue, audience and opposition, you will spend more and achieve less.

Our background in research includes experience in directing best in class experts in a variety of fields.  We can help you craft a research strategy that will produce work product which is not just informative, but also directly applicable to your needs.  From helping identify the most impactful concepts for research, to developing useful strategies for building greater exposure and understanding of existing research, we have the background and passion for helping your world care about your issue.

Win your argument with the right information.



Private equity clients seek us out to provide the political due diligence necessary to evaluate an opportunity where some element of political change is an element of a prospective opportunity.  We provide our clients with the answers to three essential questions:

  1. How likely is it that this political change can be accomplished?
  2. What is the timeframe necessary for this change to happen?
  3. What is the scope of resources necessary to facilitate this change?

Our deep network of contacts in state politics and our experience in leading complex public affairs campaigns provides us with the ability to answer these three essential questions for our clients with speed and confidence.  

Let us look before you leap.